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About Project

The Edge Property is a property portal for home-seekers, buyers, investors & real estate agents. The objective of the client was to create a comparative advantage to their competitor so as to increase daily active users.

The challenge was that this space is largely monopolised by one player, we needed to offer a comparative advantage so users would gravitate to our platform.

After interviewing users, we realised that most of our clients are first time buyers or foreigners who are trying to use the app for the first are clueless about how to go about, we mainly identify 3 areas that are most common problems for our users.

1. New buyers: What are the rules around buying public housing?
2. Foreigners: Not sure where to start as Singapore is a big city?
3. Investors: Understand how to find good property spot, best properties to invest.

We understood at this stage that we needed to guide users who come to our site, and thus introduced featured topic on our final product.

I was with this project for 6 months, doing UX research on competitors, and did usability testing after design edits.

My Contributions

UX Research, Visual Design, User Interviews, User testing

Web Prototype



Mobile Prototype



A couple of variations were mocked up and tested on users during user testing.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing was also conducted on the different marketing texts & designs.