Mobile App

About Project

A dating app in Singapore for singles who are serious about finding love and settling down. Every profile is exhaustively verified by humans to removecreeps, fakers, and scammers. This dating app that killed chat so you can talk in real life.

My Contributions

Design Research, UX Design, UI Facelift

UX Problem Discovery

The app only allows dating individuals to ask questions without free-form chatting. However during the initial UX problem discovery, we found out that when presented as a chat sequence, the user is confused and tend to look for a input and keyboard.

Also, when there are multiple questions, the answers are replied in a chat form, leaving the reader unable to relate which answers are in reply to which questions.

Proposed Solution

The UX solution involved splitting the questions into two separate tabs, namely "Questions to Her" and "Questions to You," accessible by clicking on the date's link.

This transformation disassociates it from the previous chat-like appearance, instead adopting a question-and-answer format commonly found in surveys. Each answer is clearly presented alongside its respective question and color-coded using the app's primary color to indicate whether they have been answered.

To facilitate answering questions, I implemented a streamlined one-step process. At the top, a call-to-action button, "Ask Beatrice a Question," was added to attract attention. However, the higher priority on this page is the persistent "Ask Her on a Date" option highlighted at the bottom.