About Project

Alan is an Enterprise Data Knowledge Management Tool which comprises of two user facing portals, AI Hub & AI Protocol. Alan is a winner of IDC Future Enterprise Awards the “Future of Intelligence” 2021, Part of DBS’s Digital Transformation Initiative 

AI Protocol is a workflow aid to improve productivity of teams by providing clarity on end-to-end Al project management and execution with standard templates and best practice guides. It provides oversight on ongoing analytics initiatives for management and thus create transparency between management and analytics teams.

AI Hub enables deliverable owners and new joiners to discover past projects, reusable components and best practices and thus encourage and increase knowledge sharing across organization.

I’ve work as the Lead Designer for this project since inception to the second version. In the following use case, I am focusing on the improvement from the first version to the second version. 

After a round of user interviews, our team discovered the potential user experience problems that arises in the first version the hub.

My Contributions

UX Research, Visual Design, User Interviews